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Onlinebewerbung weltwärts

Onlinebewerbung weltwärts

Persönliche Daten 1
* Pflichtfelder
Personal data
Persönliche Daten 2
Do you understand yourself as a person of color, person with international background or an immigrant? (Verstehst Du Dich selbst als person of color, Person mit internationaler Geschichte oder sogenanntem Migrationshintergrund?)
Preparation Seminar
I would like to participate in the following obligatory preparation seminars:
(not showing up at the seminars will lead to exclusion of the program)
Continent and Projects
Erfahrungen und Qualifikationen 1
Languages: English
Languages: French
Languages: Spanish
Languages: Other
Erfahrungen und Qualifikationen 2
Stay abroad
Practical experiences
Further experiences

Please write a „Letter of Motivation” using this text field only. This must be written in English (for Asia and anglophone Africa), French (for francophone Africa) or Spanish (for Latinamerica). Applicants with project preferences in two different language regions (e.g. English and French in Africa), must provide a letter in both languages.

The letter should contain answers to the following questions:

  • Why do you want to take part in the “weltwaerts programme”?
  • What is your interest in development issues?
  • How can you contribute to the weltwaerts-programme: before, during and after the volunteer service?
  • How can your current social and/ or political commitment be helpful to the programme?
  • What is your future plan regarding your career?
Sonstiges 1
Telephone interview

As part of the application process, we will hold a telephone interview of appr. 30 minutes with every applicant. For this purpose we would like to know your availability. Please indicate your preference of day and time. This will help us to schedule the interview. We will contact you via e-mail or phone and agree upon an interview date and time with you (you can make more than one mark).

Sonstiges 2
  • I hereby declare that everything in this form is true to my knowledge. I confirm that I have never participated in the programme “weltwaerts” before, neither with ijgd nor any other sending organisation.
  • I also confirm that I have no other obligations, which might interfere with my participation in the “weltwaerts programme”.
  • Furthermore, I agree that in case of acceptance to the programme my personal data is submitted to all relevant offices (e.g. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassies and other relevant authorities in Germany and the hosting country) as long as my right to privacy is not violated. I agree that my contact details will be shared with other weltwärts participants of ijgd Berlin, otherwise I will inform ijgd Berlin.
  • I accept the conditions of participation and agree that I will contribute to the programme by collecting donations up to the amount of €225per month for the duration of my participation.

Signature of applicant
(or parent/guardian if under 18 years)  


Die Bewerbung ist sowohl per Post (über den Button "Formular drucken") als auch online (über den Button "Formular absenden") an ijgd zu schicken. Sämtliche Anhänge und Nachweise (einfache Kopien) brauchen nur per Post geschickt werden - zusammen mit diesem unterschriebenen Formular. Kopien müssen nicht beglaubigt werden. Aus Umweltgründen bitte keine Mappen mitsenden. Für Nachweise von Schulabschluss, Berufsausbildung oder Studium: Liegt derzeit noch kein Abschlusszeugnis vor, kann dieses vor Ausreise nachgereicht werden; in diesem Fall das letzte Zeugnis einreichen.

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