Our voluntary services provide young people a space in which they can be creative and self-organised, take on responsibility as well as discover and develop their own potential and abilities. As an independent association, we are committed to the idea of an open, fair and diverse society.

We would be happy if you could support us with a donation. You have a few options:

  • One-off donations or standing orders can be paid into our account:

     ijgd Bundesverein e. V.
     GLS Bank
     IBAN: DE27 4306 0967 4053 5085 00
  • As a supporting member you provide regular support that we can include in our planning.

Since the ijgd is a charitable organisation, every donation you make is tax deductible. For donations up to 300 euros, you can simply submit your account statement showing the donation as evidence when doing your tax return. Larger donations require a donation certificate. Please get in touch with us at bundesverein-@~@ijgd$~$;de to get this.

For information on donations for a weltwärts initiative, please contact the weltwärts team at our Berlin office (aala-@~@ijgd$~$;de). For information on donations for an International Youth Volunteer Service initiative, please contact the office in the relevant federal state. Do not send donations for these initiatives to the account given above.