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Membership and club life with the ijgd

Everyone who is interested in promoting club goals can become a member with ijgd. Once a year, members of the association come together in the general meeting to discuss and vote on the direction for the association's further development. The general meeting is the highest decision making organ of the ijgd. Here members can actively partake in association politics with their votes. During the meeting an honorary board is voted in for two years.

Membership is applied for individually with the board. Salaried members pay a membership fee of 60 EUR annually while all other members pay a membership of 30 EUR a year.

Board activities

The ijgd executive board is the uniform decision-making body of all regional ijgd associations, consisting of a maximum of seven voluntary members and voted in by the general meeting.  They meet up at least four times in a year and continuously manage the abilities of the association with the members' as well as voluntary and full-time employees' interest at heart.

Major board tasks are:

  • management and conception of ijgd work,
  • external presentation and public image of the ijgd,
  • personnel decisions in consultation with executive directors,
  • decision-making power over all applications and draft resolutions presented to the board,
  • inspection of all ongoing operations,
  • supervision of the execution of the decisions made by the general assembly,
  • the further development of the agenda and association work.