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AG Partyzipation

Dear ijgd volunteers,

would you like to get more involved with ijgd – but don't know where and how? Do you want to meet volunteers from other areas of ijgd and exchange ideas with them? Is there a special subject concerning ijgd’s work which you would really like to discuss, or you have questions about?

We are the Partyzipation working group, a varied mix of volunteers with some support from paid employees. Our goal is to connect volunteers from all working areas of ijgd and work together on topics that concern the whole ijgd association.

There have already been three productive and exciting Partyzipation meetings so far: in June 2016, in January and in October 2017. During those meetings, it became clear how much volunteers appreciate having a platform to exchange about all their burning issues in a relaxed atmosphere. Some topics we were talking about include:

  • transparency and internal communication in ijgd,
  • possibilities of involvement at ijgd,
  • working principles of ijgd: from theory to practice,
  • connectivity of (international) volunteers to ijgd.

At the Members Assembly in June 2017, we got a lot of positive feedback for our work. We're happy to announce that the ijgd members decided that the AG can continue for the next two years! The next Partyzipation networking meeting will take place from

the 4th to the 7th of October 2018.

Travel costs will be 100% reimbursed.

We're happy to welcome you to come along and meet other volunteers, get to know other areas of ijgd, and discuss your ijgd topics. If you want to register for the meeting or have any questions - send us an email at ag.partyzipation@ijgd.de!

We're looking forward to meeting you!

Your Partyzipation team,
Anne, Janne, Ute, Egor, Igor and Ewa