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AK Inclusion

The initiative comes from the teamers and co-teamers of the "Integrative Sommerfreizeiten" (integrative summer recreation) of the Berlin office. During this task we made various experiences with themes of integration and more recently with inclusion and would like to expand on these themes within the ijgd. During collective meetings and seminars we will deal with topics of inclusion and find starting points to put more of an emphasis on these themes in the work of the ijgd, especially in the summer programmes.

The basic textual analysis of integration and inclusion should be followed by a specialised reflection of experiences and development for the future. Possible examples and theme subject areas are: gender, social and cultural background, age, polarity of urban and rural areas, disability, health, education and many more. Additionally it is a goal to find methods that make inclusion practically perceptible and practicable. We welcome interested people from all sectors of the ijgd to work with us, explore new ideas and to further develop thoughts.

Catherine Schneider and
Franz Thöricht