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Volunteers from across the globe for your project!

The ijgd have been organising international workcamps in Germany for over 60 years in cooperation with cities, communities, youth welfare services, forestry departments, environment agencies and associations. Every year around 1500 young people from across the globe take part in our workcamps.

International workcamps – A win-win situation!

  • Groups provide an intense work effort for a limited amount of time (about 1000 hours), which is ideal in order to quickly bring progress to a project.
  • An international workcamp is very good for publicity. It is an opportunity to garner local media interest for your project and cause.
  • An international flair is an enrichment for your community and simultaneously you are contributing to an intercultural encounter and international exchange.
  • You are supporting voluntary work and contributing to the role model function of young people in your region. 

    ijgd service

    • Personal consultation for the development of project ideas
    • Support in the preparation and execution of workcamps as well as fund procurement
    • Recruiting participants, setting up international groups and compiling their travel information
    • Schooling camp leaders, refunding their travel expenses as well as giving them an allowance
    • Insuring participants against liability and accident damage as well as illness    
    • Paying groups catering costs and  money for leisure activities
    • Telephone service during the workcamps

    Your contribution to the project

    • Preparation and organisation of work tasks
    • Instructing the group in the work area
    • Supplying work tools and work materials
    • Possibly transport to the work space; the provision of bicycles is also possible if the work space is not within a half of walking distance
    • Providing simple accommodation or supporting the ijgd in finding an accommodation and its facilities
    • Participating in financing of the workcamp  

    The following pages will allow you to find out more about workcamp procedures. Alternatively you can download the brochure "Information for project partners" [in german] with all the detailed information.

    If you are interested in carrying out a workcamp you will find your contact person on the information flyer which is sorted according to federal states. 

    For brainstorming of workcamp ideas you can use our project examples or photo documentation of the last years or use the search engine to find current workcamps in Germany.

    Press commentaries about our workcamps and other projects can be found in our press area (in German only).

    The following television contributions about ijgd workcamps are available online:

    TV touring: workcamp in the Gramschatzer forest (19.08.2015)
    Fernsehen für Oberfranken: spring camp in Bayreuth (01.04.2015)

    If you are interested we are more than happy to mail you some more information, inform you on the telephone or meet with you for a personal conversation where we can discuss all further questions.