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Leading International Workcamps

Do you have interest in engaging yourself into something new and experience intercultural exchange? You will achieve that as a workcamp leader at ijgd.

During a workcamp, young people from across the world get the opportunity to meet each other, live together for two to four weeks and engage in meaningful projects.

We are in search for motivated workcamp leaders who have the enthusiasm in leading international groups at our Workcamps!

The ijgd workcamps are normally led in pairs. You will receive a weekly allowance of 100 Euros. During the workcamps, the ijgd consultants are always reachable for any questions.

Invitation for the ijgd hive 2020 (SLK)

An invitation for all trained group leaders and seminar leaders: Do you want to finally breathe ijgd air again, meet great people, feel free, say what you think, together with people who are just as crazy as you are, dream of new things, just give it a try, fall on your nose, laugh and dance about it?

This and much more we want to create together with you at the ijgd hive from 22nd to 25th October 2020 in Salzgitter.
Attention - slightly different time frame!

We cannot say for sure how the meeting is going to take place. We hope we can meet in real life in Salzgitter and others can join via zoom.
At the same time we’re thinking of a way to translate our plans into an online version, as we cannot be 100% sure if this meeting can take place as a physical event. And maybe it is going to be a mix between the two Forms and we meet in small groups or everyone who cannot come physically can participate online.

So, stay curious and creative and let us know your ideas. Contact us via hive@ijgd.de

Become a Workcamp Leader

Fully prepared: The Classic EntryYou already bring along experiences: The fast involvement

Teaming makes you strong

Contribute your creativity and your organisational skills into an international group of young people! Together you are committed to a meaningful cause, undertaking a joint project, live and experience together an exciting time full of impressions and experiences.

As a team leader of a workcamp, you become strong and take responsibility for others: Leading a workcamp is a valuable experience with a long-term impact for anyone interested in engaging in international youth work and as well gain practical pedagogical experiences.