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Leading a workcamp

Leadership Skills Can Be Learned

Our Training Seminars will get you ready to lead a group, specifically to lead an international workcamp in Germany.  You will learn how to work with young people, and we will talk about group dynamics and self-organization, deal with legal questions, give tips for organizing the camp, and discuss your role and self-perception as a group leader.  Everything is hands-on, with many exercises and intensive group work. Here you will find all our interesting workcamps.

Leading Makes One Strong

To bring creativity and organization into a group of international young people.  To work with them for a good cause.  To become strong and take responsibility for others: leading an international ijgd camp is good for everyone that wants to get involved with international youth work and get hands on pedagogical experience.

What Do I Need to Bring?

In order to take part in a Training Seminar for Camp Leaders, you should be between 18 and 30 years old, or be close to turning 18. All you need to bring is 5-8 days worth of time and of course a aspiration for the adventure that is the workcamp.

Extra Points for You

In many programs of study, leading a camp together with the preparation and other accompanying seminars is recognized as a practicum. Through the social engagement and the experience you will get, you will gain valuable extra points for your future career path. The Certificate of Participation in an ijgd Training Seminar is considered proof for the application of a Youth Leader Card (juleica).