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AK Teenage Camps

AKTee is an AK group founded with the idea to work on development of teenage camps within ijgd. It started working in October 2009, when there was a first meeting, which was held with idea to define a plan of action and specify certain topics AKTee will work on.
Topics that will be cover in the work of AKTee include:

  1. specification and development of materials and methods for education of teenage camp leaders;
  2. definition of different concepts for the teenage camps in the future;
  3. coming up with ideas to transform existing "regular" camps to teenage camps; 

Apart from these, AKTee has the idea to spread its work on more levels within ijgd. Certain areas that was recognized as interesting for the group’s work are:

  • education of seminar leaders in SLK,
  • development of materials for integration processes in ijgd’s short term programs (both, in English and German),
  • bringing new ideas for workcamps, according to the preferences of ijgd’s leaders and their social networks.

In general, this group should serve as an open space for people who have new ideas and don’t know how to make them visible or put them into practice. Above all, it should be open for individuals or little groups who have ideas that don’t require longer work on them. Therefore, we would like to offer the opportunity to join us with ideas and see together what could be done to make ijgd more interesting and attractive place for young and motivated people who care for change.