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****3 Plätze wieder frei****
(Stand 19.Juli)

Alter? 18-30 Jahre
Wann? 05.-26. August
Kosten? 140€ Vermittlungsgebühr an ijgd
Fahrtkosten? werden bis zu 275€ zurückerstattet
Sprache? Englisch
Unterbringung: In Zelten

The project is about raising awareness around the migration in Europe: We are going to use non formal tools to un-build stereotypes. We’re go-ing to create some performances to transmit the topic to the inhabitants of the Valley during the festival the 24th August.

1) Reflexion about migration’s.

  • Discussions with the local population and within the group about the immigration topic; personal experiences, familial migration stories...
  • Presentations of different policies and initiatives from the participants’ countries.
  • Approach to a different immigration related documents through non formal education tools as, World Café, Forum Theatre, Arpentage or Cine-debate.
  • Visit to organisations that work’s on the region on hosting immigrants

2) Organization of the festival “Melting Potes: Imm-Agination”

  • Preparation of workshops for the visitors to disseminate the conclusions of the project
  • Assist in the setting of the festival.
  • Communication: conception of short videos, flyers, Facebook page...


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"Act as you can"

**Noch ein freier Platz** (Stand 19.Juli 2019)


Die Jugendbegegnung "Act as you can" ist ein Projekt der “No Hate Speech” Campagne des Europäischen Rats.

"Hate speech" wird immer alltäglicher  in Europa, da sich die meisten Menschen Diskriminierung gegenüber machtlos fühlen, oder diese nicht identifizieren können. Dem will diese Jugendbegegnung aktiv entgegen wirken:

"Racism, gender issues, xenophobia seems to have the same roots: stereotypes. To understand where prejudices start, we need to increase the consciousness over them and detect them in our daily life. But then most of young peoples and adults don’t know how to react against a prejudice and to interfere as an active citizen. Forum theatre is a method that permit to act on these two aspects: understand and react: it permits to anybody to put themselves in the place of someone is oppressed and it give confidence in his own abilities in order to interfere with cases. Forum theatre don’t need special skills that’s why it’s a popular and accessible method that can interfere in a lot of situation and places."

The project will be based on three steps:

  • Work on stereotypes and prejudices with the group;
  • Meet local young group in order to identify stereotypes and imagine few scenes with theme on topic that you choose.
  • Organization of forum theatre in public space to show what are stereotypes and make people participate to find solutions together during the scenes.

Alter? 18-30 Jahre
Wann? 08.-20. August (inkl. An- und Abreise!)
Kosten? 140€ Vermittlungsgebühr an ijgd
Fahrtkosten? werden bis zu 275€ zurückerstattet
Sprache? Englisch
Unterbringung: In Zelten

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Unsere französischsprachige Jugendbegegnung für Teenager ist leider schon ausgebucht. In Serbien findet im August eine weitere Teenage-Jugendbegegnung statt für Teilnehmende von 16-23

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