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I think that the only proper adjective to describe my workcamp is perfect!

Really this is yet the most important and interesting experience I ever had.

Name:Sargis S.Alter:16 yearsEinsatzstelle:Forest Traben-TrarbachInhaltliche Ausrichtung:Environment

Meeting so many people and exchanging different cultures is just amazing.

We were like one big family, everybody was so kind and worm-hearted.

Even though we were from different countries with different traditions and mentality our goal was mutual which created some special bond between us.

To be honest I have never lived in sport complex before and now after trying that I can say that it was so much fun.

We worked for the environment as a team:

Our work was not the easiest one but when you realise that you are doing it for whole world and its ecology it makes you feel so good and powerful.

Thank you very very much IJGD for this amazing opportunity that you gave me. For sure I will apply for new programs in the future!!!



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