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It has been well over two weeks since I left Bad Oeynhausen behind, and yet I still cannot find the right words to describe what an enriching and fantastic experience it has been for me.

Name:JuanAlter:19Einsatzstelle:Supervising children - wild, wild west - Bad OeynhausenInhaltliche Ausrichtung:KIDS

It was my first workcamp and also my first time visiting Germany as a whole, and even though I was hesitant at first - after all, it was a two-week camp supervising kids with whom I could not communicate fluently- it turned out to be absolutely fantastic.
I lodged in a youth-hostel with eight other persons from different countries: Spain, Italy, Armenia, Mexico, Russia, France and Germany. We were actually given a lot of autonomy to manage our own time, so we were free to create our own shared schedule. We were also granted some group money, which we used to buy groceries and for travelling. This way, we were able to go to Berlin, Düsseldorf and Köln, which were absolutely worth visiting.
The work in the camp was also great: our job consisted on supervising a group of children, aged 6 to 13, as they built a typical Far West town. Therefore, we built and painted some small houses with sawed-off logs and boards,  played outdoor games with the kids, sang together -specially the song Oeynhi Roads, check it out- and  all-in-all took care of them. We also had the chance to practice our German with the kids, which made us improve our skills. I personally had a fantastic time working and playing with them those two weeks (also, they were super-patient teachers).
In conclusion, this was a marvelous experience to be part of. I got my first taste of German culture, got to work as an actual child instructor for the first time and, most importantly, made some awesome friends along the way.

I look forward to volunteering again next year!


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