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Training seminar for leading an international group

Number: 27355
Location: Essen
Date: 30th June to 6th July
Registration: via workcamp.leader(at)ijgd.de

Gaining intercultural competences in an international communityThis training seminar will be organized for people from different countries whose special interest is focussed on the international aspects of workcamps and who are also interested in leading a workcamp within an international team. The seminar will deal with:Usual training topics of ijgd (eg.role of a groupleader, technical conditions of a camp, structure and aims of ijgd etc.)Topics of international aspects: methods of intercultural learning in a workcamp, groupleading within an international team (challenges and chances), ethnocentrism e.g. do workcamps create or fight against prejudices? Intercultural conflicts: how do they develop and which role does the group leader play in such situations?AccommodationGrend Kulturzentrum Located in the district of Essen Steele, in the idyllic Ruhr valley, you will find the Grend guests and meeting house. Here you can experience a combination of city and nature with a unique industrial heritage of the Ruhr. www.grend.de