Become a member

We’d love to welcome you as a member of the ijgd. Our organisation relies on many people getting involved and sharing their perspectives, experience and knowledge. Anyone who is willing to promote the aims of the organisation can become a member.

An annual general meeting of all ijgd members known as the General Assembly is held in which the future direction of the organisation is discussed and agreed. The General Assembly is our highest decision making organ. It is here that you can use your vote to actively shape our organisation’s policies. Attendees at meetings of the General Assembly elect a board of volunteers who will hold the position for two years.

You can send your membership application to the board. The regular membership fee is 60 Euro per year. Depending on your financial situation, you are free to choose the contribution, we do not expect any explanation. Your first year of membership is free of charge.

As a full member, you help shape the future of the ijgd and have the right to vote at the general assembly. As a supporting member, you support the organisation with your regular contribution, but do not vote at general assemblies.

Membership application