We have so many opportunities to volunteer for a year in Germany! Volunteering gives you new perspectives on life and helps you discover what your values are, what you are passionate about, and why you want to get involved. Our programmes are typically aimed at people aged 27 and under. If you’re older than 27 you can learn more about volunteer service options here.

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Bild zum Thema Social welfare

Social welfare

Voluntary Social Year / Federal Voluntary Service

During a Voluntary Social Year or Federal Voluntary Service you will get involved at a deployment site that focuses on social welfare in facilities for the elderly, children or people with disabilities. Trained professionals will help you find out if working in a social welfare environment is something for you.


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Bild zum Thema Monument preservation

Monument preservation

Voluntary Social Year in Monument Preservation

Stone sculptures, archaeology, museums, stained glass, restoration work – with a voluntary social year in monument preservation, you have the opportunity to help preserve the cultural and architectural heritage, as well as learn new skills.

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Bild zum Thema Ecology/Sustainability


Voluntary Ecological Year/Ecological Federal Voluntary Service

Have a positive impact on the environment! The focus of this service is nature and how we can help protect it. Volunteer on organic farms, in educational institutions or environmental organisations, where you can make a difference for our planet.

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Bild zum Thema Politics/Democracy


Voluntary Social Year in Politics/Democracy

Are you interested in democracy and politics and would you like to get a better idea of how both actually work? A voluntary social year in politics offers a closer look at democratic processes and lets you get involved in places such as citizens advice bureaus, political foundations, public service media or social agencies.

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Bild zum Thema Technology/Sustainability


Voluntary Social Year in Science, Technology and Sustainability

Protecting the environment through technical solutions. With this programme, you have the opportunity to gain experience in scientific fields. During your service year, you can volunteer in research institutes, or environmental and energy technology organisations.

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Bild zum Thema 27 and up

27 and up

Federal Voluntary Service for people over 27

Federal Voluntary Service is a programme for people of all ages. Volunteer outside of school or work on social, ecological or cultural projects or in civil protection and disaster response. Use this time as a sabbatical, volunteer before going back to work, or get involved during your retirement.

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Bild zum Thema Incoming


Volunteer work for people from abroad

Perhaps you don’t live in Germany but have an interest in volunteering here? We are happy to offer the opportunity for people to volunteer in social services, monument preservation and ecological projects in Germany.

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