Voluntary Service in Monument Preservation

Jugendbauhütten with the German Foundation for Monument Protection under sponsorship of the ijgd

A Voluntary Social Year or Federal Voluntary Service in Monument Preservation gives you the opportunity to learn about the theory and practice of a career in this field. You get great insights into various areas of work: from archaeology to ship construction, from painting restoration to museum education. Get involved in archiving, carpentry, gardening and landscaping, and much more.

The voluntary service usually lasts 12 months. You will learn traditional craft techniques, attend seminars to sharpen your understanding of style elements and building history as well as make contacts within services, organisations and businesses in the field of monument preservation and the related crafts. You will get to know new people and get involved in sustainable monument preservation and the sustainable use of resources. Find out if monument preservation and traditional crafts is the field of work for you.

To do voluntary service in monument preservation you must be aged between 16 and 26. The voluntary service programme usually begins on 1st September each year.

An overview of the federal states where we offer the Voluntary Social Year and Federal Voluntary Service programmes in monument preservation can be found under Contact.

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