Voluntary Social Year in Politics/Democracy

Have you finished education and unsure what to do next? If you are interested in topics and processes relating to politics, society and history, then you can experience these directly by spending a year working in a wide variety of different places. During a Voluntary Social Year in Politics/Democracy, you will have the opportunity to develop your personal competencies and improve your career prospects, e.g. working with different civic institutions, in parliamentary organisations or in civic education. You will get to know new people, get an idea about whether this is the right career for you, and be able to focus on your personal development.

Volunteering allows you to:

  • get actively involved in politics,
  • gain an understanding of politics and political processes,
  • actively participate in shaping our society,
  • learn about the structures, activities and processes within politically relevant institutions and be able to play your part,
  • develop respect and tolerance for differing opinions.

The Voluntary Social Year in Politics/Democracy is open to young people aged 16 to 26. It usually begins on 1st August or 1st September each year.

An overview of the federal states where we offer the Voluntary Social Year in Politics/Democracy programme can be found under Contact.

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