Voluntary Social Year & Federal Voluntary Service

Leaving education soon and wondering what to do next? Would you like to get an idea about a field of work you are interested in, or are you still not sure what you even want to do? Perhaps you would like to do something practical before starting university or an apprenticeship and work with people? If so, then the Voluntary Social Year (FSJ) or Federal Voluntary Service (BFD) is exactly right for you!

The FSJ and the BFD provide young people between the ages of 15 and 26 with the opportunity to spend a full year getting insights into careers in the fields of social work and caregiving, e.g. working in a care home for the elderly, in a workshop for people with disabilities, or in a child care centre. With guidance from working professionals, you can try out and see if a career in the social field is something you would be interested in.

The Voluntary Social Year and Federal Voluntary Service programmes usually begin in the late summer/autumn each year.

An overview of the federal states where we offer the Voluntary Social Year and Federal Voluntary Service programmes can be found under Contact.

To get more information, please give us a call or send an email!

People aged 27 and over are also able to participate in the Federal Voluntary Service with us. More info about this can be found here.


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